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* May 2021:  Forget My Name published by Foksal in Poland as “Zapomnij, jak się nazywam”

* 4 February 2021: Cover reveal! First glimpse of the cover of the new JS Monroe thriller, The Man on Hackpen Hill, due out in September 2021.

* 7 January 2021: Publication of the UK paperback edition of The Other You

* 10 June 2020: The Spanish edition of Forget My Name is published.

*5 March 2020: The Italian edition of Find Me is published.

  • 20 January 2020: Nice review of The Other You on eNCA, South Africa’s biggest 24-hour news channel, by the estimable Andrea van Wyk. “At the end you have this delicious twist that you just don’t see coming.”

    * 17 January 2020: Daily Mail reviews The Other You:

    “This is a clever mash-up of psychological thriller and police procedural with a dash of sci-fi. The imaginatively constructed plot and the carefully written character of Katy prompt some disturbing and unusual questions about who we trust and why in our rapidly changing world of everyday technological progress.”

    * 16 January 2020: J.S.Monroe is a guest on Emma Barnett’s BBC Radio5Live morning show, talking about super recognisers with Emma Mitchell, a real life super recogniser who helped with the research for The Other You. 
    Listen here:

    * 11 January 2020:  Jake Kerridge welcomes “an unusually pacy twist on the standard domestic thriller” in today’s Telegraph. In his glowing review, he concludes: “I doubt many other psychological thrillers published this year will be as propulsive and fun.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    * 9 January 2020: UK publication day for The Other You is marked with a double page spread in The Express about super recognisers:

    * …and a Page 3 splash The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

    * 3 January 2020: Here are the details for the forthcoming blog tour for The Other You.

    * 18 December 2019:  In an extraordinary encounter, J.S.Monroe is interviewed by his doppelgänger about the big themes in his new thriller, The Other You:

    * 17 December 2019: Vergiss Nie, the German edition of Forget My Name, is reviewed by Lea Bischoff on SWR3, one of Germany’s biggest radio stations, for its reading day. Read review here.

    Listen here:

    * December 2019: Quotes coming in for The Other You. “Brilliantly original and intriguing… Kept me hooked, enthralled and guessing to the very end” – Peter James. And also some juicy hard copies arrived today of the real thing…

    * November 2019: German release of Forget My Name – Vergiss Nie.

    * October 2019:  Korean, Russian, and Czech editions of Forget My Name:

    * 9 October 2019: Sneak previous of the cover for The Other You, out on 9 January 2020.

    * 18 July 2019:  J.S.Monroe appears on the ‘pace’ panel at this year’s Harrogate Crime Writing Festival with Steve Cavanagh, Rachel Abbott and Shari Lapena, chaired by the inestimable Mark Lawson.

    * 17 June 2019: Interview with The Strand in the US about The Last Thing She Remembers

    * 17 June 2019: UK publicity campaign kicks off for Forget My Name with posters on GWR trains – including the one taken by Jemma at the beginning of the book – and lightbox animations outside WHSmith’s Travel outlets across Heathrow T2, T3, T4 and T5, Gatwick South, Birmingham Air, Liverpool Air, London City, Manchester Air T1 and Kings Cross.

    * 16 June 2019:  Jon Land in The Providence Journal (Rhode Island), the US’s oldest newspaper,  gives a big thumbs up to The Last Thing She Remembers:

    “Psychological thrillers have a higher bar to meet, given the lack of action to propel them from scene to scene. But J.S. Monroe’s “The Last Thing She Remembers” (Park Row Books, $15.99, 400 pages) maintains relentless propulsion absent bombs and falling bodies — well, at least far fewer.

    The Hitchcockian setup casts Jemma Huish as an amnesiac, her condition induced by a seemingly random robbery in London’s Heathrow Airport. Before you can say “Spellbound,” though, Monroe has thrown enough twists and turns into Jemma’s plight to turn his follow-up to the equally superb “Find Me” into a splendid slice of post-modern noir with just enough gothic overtones thrown into the mix for good measure.

    “The Last Thing She Remembers” is not a book you’ll easily forget, a riveting, tortuous ride into the depths of psychological despair and angst with the structural complexity of a Rubik’s Cube.”

    * 13 June 2019: Mammoth, seven-week UK Blog Tour begins for Forget My Name:

    * 13 June 2019: UK paperback publication day of Forget My Name (Head of Zeus)

    * 12 June 2019:  Gumshoe Review in the US is pleasantly surprised by The Last Thing She Remembers:

    “J.S. Monroe’s The Last Thing She Remembers was a genuine surprise – a literary feast. It is both a creepy, unnerving psychological thriller and an intense serial killer thriller all wrapped up into one mystery that was very difficult to put down. Who is this mystery woman and what does she want? Is she planning to kill someone or is someone planning to kill her?… This novel is rife with suspense, shocks, horror, mystery, and romance. It is both heartwarming and tragic. The ending is very bittersweet. It will be a long time before I forget The Last Thing She Remembers.”

    * 28 May  2019: Publication day of The Last Thing She Remembers, the US edition of Forget My Name ( Park Row Books)

    * 15th November Jon’s The Riot Act, first published in 1997, is re-released by Head of Zeus as an eBook, along with The India Spy, his second novel (2003, then titled The Cardamom Club). Both have striking new covers.

    * 5 October 2018Times review: “JS Monroe has woven an absorbing novel full of unpredictable twists, topped by a savage climax” – Marcel Berlins, The Times

* 4 October 2018 Publication day in the UK for Forget My Name.

*  1 October 2018 Pre-publication reviews from NetGalley:

* 29 August 2018 Meeting at Head of Zeus Clerkenwell HQ to discuss launch plans for Forget My Name

* July 2018 Forget My Name translation rights sold to the Czech Republic

* April 2018 Find Me launched in Russia with a terrific trailer

* March 2018 Find Me published in Poland with an extensive campaign by Foksal on Instagram (search for #JSMonroe)

* 16 January 2018  US paperback edition of Find Me published by Park Row Books


* December 2017  Taiwan edition of Find Me published.


* October 2017  Turkish edition of Find Me published.


* September 2017 UK paperback edition of Find Me published with competition to stay at the luxury Nare Hotel in Cornwall.


* 20 April 2017 Launch of To Snare A Spy, a spy novella set on the south coast of Cornwall and commissioned by The Nare hotel


* 6 April 2017 Find Me published in Spain as Búscame and as Encontra-me in Portuguese


* 3 April 2017 London Evening Standard includes Find Me in its ‘grip-lit’ hit list of psychological thrillers (using photo of the US book cover…)

* 21 March 2017 US edition of Find Me launched

* 15 March 2017 200 copies of the US edition of Find Me hidden on the New York subway


* 14 March 2017 Free copies of special advance paperback of Find Me handed out at London Book Fair


* 13 March 2017 Find Me reaches #1 on iBooks chart in Australia


* 24 February 2017 Find Me reaches #1 on UK Kobo chart


* 22 February 2017 London launch of Find Me at Goldsboro Books


* 21 February 2017 YouTube review by Aoife Lawlor  on her Fred Weasley Died Laughing channel as part of #FindMeBeforeTheyDo blog tour.

* 18 February 2017 Review in the Irish Independent by Myles McWeeney. ‘A cleverly constructed, beautifully paced and utterly gripping novel that delivers both thrills and a heart-tugging love story in equal measures.’


* 16 February 2017 UK edition of Find Me launched at the White Horse book shop in Marlborough, Wiltshire


* 15 February 2017 Dates announced for the UK blog tour of Find Me. #FindMeBeforeTheyDo


* 9 February 2017 UK publication day for Find Me. And this is where the idea for the book took seed… Cromer Pier, 2013.


* 29 January 2017 Find Me chosen as the Book of the Week for Better Reading, one of Australia’s largest online book clubs.


* 16 January 2017 WHSmith run exclusive extract from Find Me as part of a half-price pre-order promotion. Order Find Me here for £6.50.


* 12 January 2017 – Translation rights for Find Me sold to Poland and Taiwan, taking the total number of territories sold to 10.

* 9 January 2017Starred review for Find Me in Publishers Weekly (US)


* 21 December 2016 UK Trailer for Find Me is launched. You can watch it here.


* 22 November 2016 The Spanish cover for Find Me, or Búscame, has arrived from HarperCollins Ibérica (it will be the same for the Portuguese edition, too). The picture is of Trinity Lane, the narrowest street in Cambridge, where Rosa was a student before she disappeared.


* 21 October 2016  Frankfurt Book Fair news: Chinese rights for Find Me have just been sold.

* 5-7 October 2016 Jon attends a media luncheon at Marea in New York City, hosted by Mira Books, to promote the US edition of Find Me, which will be published on 21 March 2017. He also visits a number of independent book stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including McNally Jackson, Book Culture and Greenlight, below. He is pictured with (from left to right) Geo, Jarrod and fellow British Mira author (Things We Have In Common) Tasha Kavanagh.



* 3 October 2016 Jon gives a talk to 3rd and 4th Formers at Wellington College, and then spends the day holding thriller writing workshops in the school library.


* September 2016 Advanced Reading Proofs are out and quotes from other thriller writers are coming in:

“Intricately woven and heart-stoppingly believable, this has bestseller written all over it” – Claire Macintosh,  I Let You Go

“The most ingenious thriller you will read this year. I couldn’t put it down” – M.J. Arlidge, Eeny Meeny

“This intricate puzzle of a thriller takes us into the far reaches of the Dark Web and the depths of the human heart. Simultaneously romantic and horrifying, this is a treat for everyone who loved Le Carre’s The Constant Gardener” – Lucie Whitehouse,  Before We Met

Cunning, captivating and creepy – a beautifully written thriller with well-drawn characters and a twisting, gripping plot that will keep you guessing until the very last page – J.P.Delaney, The Girl Before

“Find Me is gripping, pointing you toward the worst possibility on every page in this deeply sinister, drip-drip kind of way. And yet there is a lot of true love in there too, creating an endearing balance. This is an intricate story that will stay with you as you read about government, science, and all open-ended missing person cases” – Caroline Kepnes, Hidden Bodies and You

Find Me is a marvellously suspenseful book that keeps you turning pages well past midnight. You’ll be riveted on what its very sympathetic narrator goes through to find the love of his life. She supposedly committed suicide five years ago. But what about all the signs that she’s still alive? You’ll keep guessing until the final mind-bending twist – Alice LaPlante, New York Times bestselling author of Coming of Age at the End of Days and Turn of Mind.

“Beautifully written and expertly plotted, J.S. Monroe’s FIND ME had me hooked within the first chapter and Would. Not. Let. Me. Go. This is a captivating, utterly chilling read, the kind of thriller that will keep you turning pages long past your bedtime, and leave you wide awake long after you’re done. First class” – Owen Laukkanen,  The Stolen Ones and The Watcher in the Wall

* 29 July 2016 Jon interviews Nathan Filer, bestselling author of The Shock of The Fall, at the Womad festival in Wiltshire.